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Allie [userpic]

Don't Hide, You'll Never Change If You Just Run Away...

January 15th, 2006 (02:05 pm)

feeling: happy
listening to: Symphonic - Emm Gryner

I was thinking about this little test-type thing we did in Health and how none of us liked it at the time, but I'm going to re-do it here and I want you guys to do it, too. I mean, I'm not forcing you, but it's really a positive activity. Promise.

5 Things I Like About Myself (Physically):
-My eyes
-My lips
-My hair ...on most days anyway, lol.
-My nails ...I know it's weird but I like their shape.
-My height ...not toooo tall, not short.

5 Things I Like About Myself (In General):
-I'm the girl who laughs all the time. I don't know why but it doesn't take much for me to laugh. I get bugged about it at school, but seriously, let me enjoy life, okay? I don't care if you think the joke was lame, you spastic uptight peroxide-heads, I thought it was funny.
-My sarcasm. I get it from my grandma on my Dad's side. :)
-How I can go from furious to giggly to bitchy to content in ten minutes. Yes, it gets tiring but it's kinda fun.
-I can get along with pretty much anyone. I don't know why, I guess I'm just friendly. Yeah... pretty much everyone but really popular, extremely catty people because I want to smack them in the face.
-My taste in music. Now HERE is something I get criticized for. I hate when people are like "Hilary Duff? EW," and turn on the Good Charlotte.
"Dude, Joel and Hilary are DATING."
I don't bitch about someone's Green Day obsession or love of punk/indie stuff, so don't look at whatever I'm listening to and call it lame and pathetic, please. I'm just trying to live peacefully on this planet.

See, isn't that fun? That's fun. Even if I ranted a little. But it's not vanity, these lists, Lord knows we pick ourselves apart multiple times a day.

Unless that's just me. I'm pretty sure it's not?

Why don't people compliment any more? Why don't people hold open doors, or smile at their neighbour or even use manners any more? Society makes me tired. The end.

Allie Update:
I just haven't been motivated to LJ lately, I don't know why. Haha, as I was typing "I don't know why" Hil sang it like three times in a row. Me and Hilary are totally on the same wavelength y'all!
I guess I get in mad-updating phases, the kind I had in the summer months, or perhaps my LJ-update mode is hibernating.

Kenzie is as unpredictable and bitchy as ever. It makes me not want girls for offspring, but then I look at James and think, "Oh fuck, I'm screwed."
Speaking of the boy, he literally choked me this morning, we were wrestling. I actually couldn't breathe for a good ten-fifteen seconds so when he let go and I stopped gasping, I slapped him.

Sibling LOVE y'all. My eyes were all leaky after though. Leaking SHEXY! lol Julieeee. So I came upstairs and watched Unbearable and ate Wheat Thins and admired my hair which may I just say looks AWESOME when I straighten it and I must must do it more often.

Teen People reminded me Valentine's Day is coming up. Okay between two certain birthdays coming up AND Valentine's Day which is about all kinds of stupid love, now, like friends and shit, I'm going to DIE because I am penniless, PENNILESS!!!!

Plus I have no idea what to get for ANYONE. I may just hand out change for the next few months. Karma will love me right?

I downloaded PopoZao. Oh, Kevin Federline. Was anyone IN the recording studio while you taped this? Dayum, guy. You suck. Although now that I have seen plenty of Sean Preston pictures thanks to the gossip blogs I find myself addicted to, I can definitely say you have one very cute son. Please divorce Britney Spears. I mean, congratulations on knocking her up. Oh fuck, I mean, I don't know... go away.

Please God let MuchMusic VoT PopoZao. Please, I will never ask for (much of) anything again.

Last year I didn't give anything up for Lent so this year I'm giving up junk food in it's entirety. I think that giving stuff up for a period of 40 days is easier than attempting a "permanent" diet that one abandons in a week or two anyway. If you bitches tempt me with chips, popcorn, chocolate or candy I will KILL. YOU. I still have a little while until Lent though. Let the feasting commence!



Posted by: catcherguy42 (catcherguy42)
Posted at: January 16th, 2006 02:07 am (UTC)

I'm one of those birthdays. You dont HAVE to get anything. just like something small and funny if you must.HAHA when i read penniless I thought it said penisless, man I have to get my mind out of the gutter. but I thought it was funny, allie yelling I'm penisless! I'm going to die!
What should I give up for lent? Maybe I should not have any one night stands for lent. I dunno, that'd be pretty hard. Help me think something up.

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