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the dealio. the dealio of life.

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Allie (n.)
18 going on 19 going on 9 going on ?. I don't even understand myself half the time to be honest. The one word I'd use to sum myself up is contradictory. I am both passionate and passive, silly and serious, stubborn and indifferent, bubbly and shy, open and withdrawn, energetic and lethargic, etc. It really depends on the matter at hand and the mood I'm in.
There are of course a few constants; I love people quickly and deeply and get attached fast. Which has burned me a few times in the past, but that's who I am. I am loyal, I sing a lot (a lot), I have an obsessive personality, and I am very, very affectionate.
I'm going to Algonquin College for the Early Childhood Education program which is super exciting! Nerve-wracking. But exciting.

Random Facts!
-I love to travel. It's an addiction for me... I should take up crack. It would be cheaper.
-I have a "condition" (as my mother has been known to call it). Really all it is is that I'm more prone to fainting than most. But you know, it just makes life exciting, having to lie down to wait for a dizzy spell to pass at random.
-I love musicals. I'm not really into the theatre arts, I'm not a performer, but I absolutely adore everything about musicals.
-My favourite musical genres are pop and country, but I'm up for pretty much anything.
-I'm blonde. In every sense of the word.
-Soccer is love! Although I think our relationship is one full of domestic violence... I'm always getting bruises and have gotten a cracked elbow and wrist, some scrapes, and a fat lip from it, among other things.
-I have recently gotten into vlogging and love it
-I firmly believe in buying CDs. Illegally downloading a couple songs is fine, but you can't fairly call yourself a fan of someone if you're not willing to support them.
-I still sleep with a few stuffed animals. Cuddling is fun for all ages, okay!!

Things That Suck (To Name A Few)
Mosquitoes, breakfast foods, surprises, slow walkers, spicy foods, heartbreak, growing up, sadness, when people talk down to you, bitchy salespeople, math, life drama, the media's portrayal of women, work.

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