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April 30th, 2008 (02:57 pm)

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Oh man, I actually have remembered/found time to post some meta for The Office! Right under the wire of course but let's not get picky.

Foreword: All of this is going to be a little random. My apologies in advance.

Okay so I was just thinking kind of randomly that we haven't heard Michael's ringtone in a while. And that is one of my favourite details of Michael. Surely he would have changed it from Fergie by now, but to what? I'd bet my boyfriend (not Jim Halpert, he's too precious to bet on anything, even the sun rising tomorrow -- YOU NEVER KNOW -- but my "real" boyfriend, sure) that it's "See You Again" by Miley Cyrus. It's totally hip and fresh, yo. Except now that Andy's around with his expertise in customized ringtones, it would be a Great Scott/Nard-Dog Production.
In my head, they would record it together and alter the lyrics to fit Michael. And since we're going with my weirdo ringtone fantasy, it would be set in the beginning of Official Michael/Jan, back before Jan got fired and subsequently lost her mind (completely.)
So it would feature gems like,
You asked why I was slacking off,
My best friend Andy said "Oh he's just being Michael!"
The next time you yell at me for overdue paperwork
I will redeem myself by blaming it on Dwigt

Boy, I have a lot of time on my hands. Back to the actual episode.

Watching the opener, my dad looked over at me and said "Do you actually need that much peanut butter to get gum out?" and is my dad Dwight Schrute? Because who really thinks you need to cover every last hair with nut goop to get out a small spot of sticky gum?
Actually, I wish my dad was Dwight Schrute. That would be awesome.

Jim is really cute in the scene with him and Ryan in the kitchen. Apparently there was dialogue and plot development, but I was smiling goofily and swooning, so I couldn't really say.

Creed is totally the sexual predator. Does this have something to do with needing three chairs? Only time will tell, friends.

So as for the whole trapped inside after 9 thing for the underlings (an alternate title could've been Staff Trapped after Dark, or STD-- wait..) ... there's no other exit and they couldn't call cabs? Seriously? How far is their commute that cabs would be too expensive? They could cab/ bus back in the morning and fetch their cars then. COMMON SENSE - I HAS IT. Unlike an adult staff of over 10 people. Instead of thinking for logical backup plans, they all just have temper tantrums and jump the P&J 'ship. FOR SHAME!

Troy is totally a hobbit. S'alls I gotta say.

Michael? Never, ever use the words "sexy" and "preschool" next to each other in a sentence EVER. AGAIN. File that one under "Must Not Use In Case of Lawsuit" next to "Little Kid Lover".

Is Meredith related to Iron Man? She keeps getting injured and making great recoveries. It's awesome, but unsettling.

I can't wait for the day we meet Michael's mother. She is my favourite. I say we get all the mothers on the show. It would be wildly enlightening.


Oh, Ryan. I would feel bad for you if you weren't a huge asshole.


Posted by: swayinisdancin (fairytiger)
Posted at: April 30th, 2008 11:23 pm (UTC)
i'm just gonna hop the fence


Oh my meta partner in crime, you FTW.

Meredith as Iron Man? Yes.

Who knows if they'll ever actually reveal Michael's mother to us. She seems downright mythical at this point.

I wish I'd had time to do this. Damn.

Posted by: Allie (dawn_xx)
Posted at: April 30th, 2008 11:53 pm (UTC)
legally blonde

Seriously, if the show ever needs to get really soapy, Meredith is just going to peel her face off and be a robot. And all this time, the alcohol has actually been oil.

Remind me again why we don't write for this show?

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